A career as a highly skilled commercial/industrial electrician isn’t for everyone. Our workplace is generally found in an uncontrolled environment that is exposed to the cold of winter, the rains of spring, the heat of summer, and the temperate weather of autumn. As craftsman we travel all across central Ohio to ply our trade, a year-long construction project to us is a long term proposition.

But if you love working with both your hands and your brain, you enjoy the outdoors – and you have a desire to grow – The Electrical Trades Center just may be the place for you.

We offer:

  • Job Assignments, not just referrals, but placements with responsible employer/contractors.

  • Multi-Contractor Employment Pool – The Electrical Trades Center has a contractual arrangement with over 50 responsible contractors to keep you employed. Your future is not tied to the fortunes of one firm.

  • Tuition paid education/training at a world class facility.

  • A no cost to you, Associates Degree in Applied Technology through a unique arrangement with our partners at Columbus State Community College.

  • Defined wages based on clearly defined benchmarks.

  • Health Insurance for you and your family at no cost to you.

  • Retirement plans at no cost to you.

  • Safe working conditions guaranteed by contract.




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